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We are looking for a Python developer with experience running a large Django application at scale. Ideally you will have good knowledge of the framework - from the SQL produced by the ORM to how to run it in production. Furthermore it's a big plus if you have knowledge of GraphQL, designing backend architecture, or training others. We have a large user base, but a small development team with a flat and flexible structure. This means you'll have the opportunity to learn new skills in new areas, and that the work is generally diverse and interesting.



At Mixcloud, our purpose is to amplify culture and community. We are a global audio streaming platform with a unique catalogue of over 15 million DJ sets, radio shows and podcasts handcrafted by expert creators.

We’re not just building a music streaming platform. We're on a mission to supercharge the relationship between audio creators and their biggest fans; to enable fans to directly support their favourite audio creators, emotionally and financially.

With Mixcloud Select, our pioneering fan-to-creator subscription offering, we’re carving out a better ecosystem for audio culture. We believe in championing creators, artists and the music industry – fairly and sustainably.

With LOUD, our in-house cultural strategy studio, we help global brands embed themselves within culture. We have worked with Adidas, Marriott, Dr. Martens, Eventbrite, Sonos and more on driving creative and strategic solutions.

Exciting times lie ahead as we aim to become the world’s leading fan-to-creator business in audio. If you are interested in making an impact, driving audio culture forward, and helping Creators around the world earn a living from their craft, come join us!


Our Tech Stack:

  • Python (Django)
  • GraphQL (3+ years live, 400+ Million queries a day)
  • Fast dedicated servers / Infrastructure
  • Kubernetes + Docker
  • Terraform + Puppet
  • Nginx
  • MySQL/MariaDB
  • GlusterFS
  • Elasticsearch
  • Redis / Memcached
  • RabbitMQ
  • Github + CI systems
  • Javascript (React/React Native/Relay/Flow)
  • We value techniques such as linting, automatic code formatting, unit tests, coverage reporting, snapshot testing, integration tests and type systems.

How Mixcloud serves 15 million monthly users a month


Who you are:

We’d expect you to be comfortable with the following tasks:

  • Understand, debug and optimise queries across the stack. Can you sanity check the SQL that the ORM emits? Can you debug a slow query?
  • Help us to maintain and develop a GraphQL API that currently services 400 million requests a day.
  • Familiar with SQL (MySQL/MariaDB) and basic database administration (migrating safely, monitoring the slowlog, building the right indices, etc.,to support tables in the Billions of rows)
  • Maintain very high test coverage by writing Django unit tests and end-to-end tests with Selenium.
  • Familiar with CI concepts and common workflow (we use Github and Codeship/CircleCI).
  • Manage and monitor deploys to our infrastructure. Being unafraid to SSH into a box and get to the root of a problem, as well as being comfortable with basic Linux administration and debugging.

Ideally you

  • Have strong Python knowledge
  • Have experience with web technologies at scale, preferably Django
  • Are comfortable with managing servers and app deployment
  • Bonus points if you have experience with JS / GraphQL

What will you do?

  • Work as a member of the team at every stage of software development life cycle - being capable of designing solutions, writing code, testing code, automating unit and integration tests and deployment.
  • Implement & design the core platform built in Python
  • Be an active part in code reviews and provide constructive feedback to other members of their team
  • Work closely with product management on prioritising features which are of key importance to their users
  • Research and learn new methodologies and technologies and bring knowledge to the team
  • Provide input and influence discussions around best practices and new technologies, helping us to develop an effective basis for future developments


We offer a culture of personal development and growth. You will have the pleasure of working with a small team that punches above its weight, giving you the opportunity to explore creative ideas and expand on your role. We have a flat structure with democratic decision making and we're quite open to suggestions from within. We’re serious about encouraging our employees to develop their careers through goal setting, training and mentorship. Mixcloud also covers the cost of books you want to read.


We’re a culturally active bunch, with many of us pursuing our passions as DJs, producers, radio hosts, promoters or creatives. We host DJ lessons in the office, cater weekly lunches and host social team mixers. We offer a great benefits package that includes unlimited holiday, stock options, flexible working, a healthcare plan and a kitchen packed with healthy snacks. Wellness at work matters to us, and our team also organises meditation sessions, yoga and a running club.


This is a London based position.

Mixcloud is committed to being a diverse and inclusive workplace. We encourage applicants of different backgrounds, cultures, genders, experiences, abilities and perspectives to apply.

All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, colour, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, age, physical disability, or length of time spent unemployed.

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